Age-Old secret that Hollywood celebrities try to keep from you has been uncovered by palaeontologist

Every years, Hollywood celebrities spend large amounts of dollars on Age-old secret. The hunky stud at the local pub thinks he knows it,but the Age-old secret has been carefully kept for millions of years. So yet,it seemed obvious to pre-mamalian reptiles that went so far as to evolve mouths full of beautiful crafted teeth because it is surely the beautiful bleached smile that makes sexy.

Sometimes, Mammals like us,have a set of dentition that are neatly divided into three distinct types of teeth.The incisors at the front of your mouth,the molars in your cheeks,and the canines,that Dracula-type teeth that separates the molars from the incisors.The origin of this separation can be traced back to 300 millions years ago,when our ancestors still looked like sprawling reptiles which is the Pre-mammalian therapsids.

As group of therapsids,we can talk about the gorgonpsians which is had long.Sometimes, he is sabre-like canines that was often interpreted as a deadly hunting device.however, there was a problem because some herbivorous species that only grazed on plants ,like the dicynodonts which is kind of herbivorous animals,varying in sizes from a rat to an ox,and like warthogs,had two tusks,that gave them their name,which means “two dogs tooth”.So if not for hunting,what were these impressive sets of pointy teeth for? Defence against predators?.

These prehistoric characters used them to seduce the beauties

Currently living species of sabre-toothed animals ,such as the pisavorous wahus or the herbivorous deer-like muntiac use their canines as a display apparatus,to seduce a mate,or to intimidate their kin.

Therefore, the large sabre-like canine becomes a sexually selected trait.The question is whether sexual selection was an important phenomenon in mammalian ancestry?

However, the palaeontologist of the university of the Witwatersrand and school of Anatomical Sciences, Johannesburg and their colleagues from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in France,in new research ,used CT and Synchrotron Radiation scanning to uncover this mystery.

By using X-Ray computerised micron tomographic,Scanning on the mysterous fossil therapsid choerosaurus dejajeri,a “mamal-like reptile” that lived 259 millions years ago and belong to the lineage that gave birth to mammals ,the scientists revealed that choerosaurus evolved his very peculiar ornamated face under sexual pressure.

Notice that, Dr Julien Benoit,post doctoral fellow at the ESI at WITS and lead author of the study says it is unique since it is the only Eutheriodont to have two symmetrical bosses on its maxilla and mandible.On that research, they address the possibility that these cranial bosses were either for Intra-Specific combat or for sexual display.

The thorough CT scan survey confirmed that the shull and carrial bosses of choerosaurus were too weak for high energy combat.The maxillary boss was richly innervated and highly vascular ,which is not compatible for fighting.Dr Julien Benoit says also that te cranial bosses of choerosaurus are the first evidence of structures which were dedicated solely to intraspecific ,sexual competition in Eutheriodantia.The group directly ancestral to mammals.

Whereas, few studies have investigated sexual dimorphan and competition in early therapsids because the fossil shows that sexual competition and the associated complex,ritualised behaviour were indeed and important component of therapsids evolution at the very root of the therapsids clade,as far back in the past as 300 millions years,hundreds of millions of years before mammals or the more advanced dinosaurs expressed these behaviours.

Finally, Dr Julien Benoit says that this finding expends the record of sexually selected traits in pre-mammalian therapsids and suggests that sexual selection may have played a more important role in the origin of mammals than previously thought.


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