The association of veterans Johannesburg celebrated their first anniversary on Saturday 9 September 2017 in hilbrow at a place called «connections night club » 

The team of WIHIA NEWS has seen the background of this fabulous birthday rich in colors and emotions through the practice of football in the day and the majestic gala evening and handed his microphone to the president of the association in the person of Sir Abotoky Taka Winston to know more about veterans Johannesburg who had this to say.

Sir Abotoky, how can you define your association (Veterans Johannesburg)?

Thank you for the question WIHIA NEWS, we, members of veterans Johannesburg in the Republic of South Africa, appreciate the need to form a common grouping. We recognize the need to promote the general welfare and fitness of our members, and believe that unity can be achieved through sports.

– Who is the founder of the association?

The association was founded by a group of persons amongst them were Abotoky Taka WinstonMakia IndibaDadjio Pierre , Dior AubreyTakor Gaston and others.

When and why was the association created? 

The association was founded in July 2016. In fact, we therefore, through our General Assembly and for the common interest of all committed members, create veterans Johannesburg association to achieve the spirit of the preamble.

– What are your objectives and missions? 

Well, veterans Johannesburg has as objectives and missions, to foster unity and fitness amongst all its committed members. To create a platform to bring together all Veterans in Johannesburg together, and to assist and stand by registered and law-abiding members as inscribed in the bylaws.

What are your highlights in the Cameroonian community in South Africa?  

As per above, our biggest highlights is to  bring together all veterans in Johannesburg or in south Africa together

– What are your schedules and days of play on a daily basis?  

We play every Saturday from 4 to 7 PM at the zoo lake sports complex in Johannesburg

– What are the conditions for joining the association? 

To join the association, men need to be 35 years and above, he must be of good conduct in society and should pay a joining fee of R 1000 as registration, R 200 as annual field levy and R 300 as outfit contribution making a total of R 1500. For women, there is no age limit, they just need to pay R 250 as registration, they are exempted from annual field levy and should pay outfit contribution of R 300 making a total of R 550. We value women empowerment in veterans johannesburg.

You just celebrate the first anniversary of the association. Can you explain to us how the ceremony  unfolded? We mean from the Tournament to the gala evening. 

This idea started immediately as our very first election took place which I was elected the leader, inspired by the enthusiasm of members, i indicated my plan to grow the membership and subsequently form teams within veterans Johannesburg who should compete in a 5 weeks long tournament with objectives not only to promote competitiveness amongst its members, but also to promote fitness. But in the process, began celebrating our 1 year existence that ends up with an award gala that commemorates the first anniversary of the association.

The teams formed were called Terminators FC of Veteran JHB ,the winner of the anniversary trophy, Air force 1 FC of veteran JHB, it was the team in which i played and my position was 7, unfortunately we lost the final and Thunder FC of veteran JHB who won the 3rd position against Clever boys FC of veteran JHB 

What are your actions outside the practice of football?  

Every member, on the 1st Saturday of each month is expected to come together, share food and drinks, bond together and promote social cohesion. During this session, we discuss issues affecting the life of the association and how we can better resolve them but also move the association to the next level in the true sense of the word veterans. Another aspect is our social policy in which, we receive the news of a member getting married or having a baby with excitement and therefore join the celebrants with gifts in solidarity. However we make huge financial contributions in case a member lost a loved one. This cash is handed to our bereaved member to assist them during such trying times, in addition we also provide physical and moral support during such times.

What message does the association veterans Johannesburg want to send out to the Cameroonian community in particular and to Africans in general?  

I and the association want to promote good health through sport in a more fun way, we invite those who qualify to join the association because the next steps after the party is to assist a charity in need in south Africa, to promote through sponsoring innovation in schools we identify with a view of uplifting the south African youth and to create networks with other veteran groups both in south Africa and elsewhere on the African continent during which we will network and propose ideas of common interest to move the continent forward as veterans.

As a personal assessment at the end of our interview, Sir Abotoky Taka Winston indicated that: «he will like to appreciate all the exco members, all the members, all the guest who took out time to watch our games and who graced the anniversary party including WIHIA NEWS through her founder Carine Mambou. He will like to appreciate both members and honorary members crowned on that faithful day for their financial support. Thanks also goes to the MC Petit libota, the DJ Petit Bakala, Mr Pierre Dadjio the proprietor of connections night club who provided the venue, the sports committee headed by Mr Takor Gaston and party committee headed by Dr Njobeh Patrick for a resounding job well done. He also want to appreciate Madame Ngwa estella for her good job in preparing the buffet. They also has an open door policy for members of the society who may want to make findings about veteran Johannesburg. They can contact him or contact the associations publicity secretary, the Author Solomon Wan-Atah. But it is crucial to indicate that those interested to belong must first believe in themselves and must be social minded with a mind-set to build society ».


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  2. Sir.Abotoky

    septembre 13, 2017 at 5:17

    Doing a great Job Carine . Veteran JHB is well pleased with your reporting standards . We are better informed by this platform …keep it up

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